Friday, September 28, 2007

Brandy Interview Slideshow

[i did this quickie slideshow...a bit self-indulgent, but what about this blog isn't, after all? enjoy...or not!]


lisa said...

i love that the card you gave yr teacher showed up at the exact moment you were talking about it in yr interview, good editing!

it also made me giggle to see the hi lisa sign again in the middle of it

but what exactly are we looking at on the photo of you holding yr boob? i feel dumb, but i can't figure out exactly what is above yr fingers

ps. i hope you feel better and have a good walk on sunday!


Brandy Lotus Blossom said...

the boob picture is one of my core biopsy. it's the bloody wound and the tape over it. yum....too bad the compression of the quicktime movie took away a lot of the resolution so that it was so pixelated and fuzzy, but oh well! i would have edited more, but i was too tired, and i figured a little ambiguity never hurts.

lisa said...

i assumed that's what it was, but it looks a lot bigger than the biopsy scar i saw on someone else, so i was curious. also, i think hers was on the side of her boob. so i was thinking maybe this was a really bizarre temporary tattoo or something ...