Monday, October 1, 2007

Video Diary: Room

What happens when you put technology, such as a digital camera, iMovie and Garage Band, in the hands of a fool such as myself? This happens:


I don't know why--okay, I do know why: boredom and lack of energy for physical movement and the overwhelming sense of going stir-crazy--but I made this short film giving you a glimpse into my pathetic life. You might not believe me (haha), but I have no formal training in video and music editing! :D BUT I will admit that I, myself, am playing the shakuhachi in the music track, albeit the track was edited and "enhanced" with Garage Band. The poem can be found on Brandy's Poem of the Day.

I had let the shakuhachi rest for a while, but I picked it up a few days ago to see how I was doing with the breathing. I got lightheaded after playing it for a couple minutes, which according to Roshi, is not necessarily a bad thing. But it does take an incredible amount of energy to maintain breath on the thing. I certainly don't have the patience to keep at it for very long during any given period of time (meaning, for more than three minutes). My parents and kids came home while I was playing it today, and when Chloe heard me, she said, "Where's that music coming from?" So I was a little bit proud that my child at least recognized my noise as "music."

By the way, I (re-)discovered another remedy for my muddy cottonmouth (I've been called "potty mouth" before, and am finding it to be so damning and true at the moment): salted dried prunes, which was a childhood favourite of mine. Thanks, Mom!


Brandy Lotus Blossom said...

And no, I don't take myself that seriously!

Brandy Lotus Blossom said...

Okay, I kinda do.

Brandy Lotus Blossom said...

hey lisa--i've come a long way since "i wanna be a hippie," haven't i????

lisa said...

we could have been FAMOUS if you had been able to work some captions and background music into our pathetic little video! :)

Brandy Lotus Blossom said...

you know, if we still have the footage, we could digitize it and MAKE IT HAPPEN!

lisa said...

man, i wish i did. i don't think i ever had a copy of that. maybe we recorded over it in embarassment. i could understand why: me with my big hair, skinny little you swimming in yr plaid shirt, both of us in yr back yard singing about wanting to be damn hippies?! hahaha. but i have to admit, it would be funny to have the words "don't wanna be a teacchhhher!" falling down overtop of us