Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Being Thankful

Yesterday was Thanksgiving here in Canada. I told my dad that this year, he gets to celebrate two Thanksgivings. He said that for sure, the next one, in Pennsylvania in November, won't be like the one we had here, which was mostly prepared by Hon's restaurant--a good Chinese restaurant--here in Vancouver. Even the gravy was kinda Chinesey, but I thought it was all delicious.

We've had a pretty good past few days here in Vancouver, and here in our household in general. Here are some picture highlights:

Dude, the kids, and I took a shopping trip to Bellingham last week, and there was this beautiful rainbow for a good stretch of the highway.

On Friday, I spent the day doing awesome things, like seeing my art therapist and acupuncturist. Then I went to Fitness World for a good cardio workout. Afterwards, I walked across Cambie Bridge to meet DH and a friend for some coffee! I got lots of activity that day...and was really exhausted--in a good way--at the end of the day.

Saturday's weather was a piece of shit again. So we spent the day inside, except for when Dude and I went to a friend's meditation+soup birthday party in the afternoon. When we came home, Chloe wanted to try on my wig and glam it up.

Chloe wanted to take a picture of me and her dad, so she did. It would have been an awesome picture, except that it was really out of focus. So I Photoshopped some cheesiness into it.

Sunday's weather was also a big piece of shit, but luckily, yesterday wasn't! So I ran a fucking 10K--that's right! I signed up for the Turkey Trot 10K, which was a fundraiser for the Vancouver Food Bank, a while before I got the cancer diagnosis and also before I busted my leg and got a stress fracture. My leg isn't entirely healed, but I wanted to run anyway. Okay, I wasn't really running but jogging. I managed to finish the race in about 1:20, which is pretty shitty, but hey--whatever, I did it! So I'm pretty proud of myself, even though my legs are in protest today.

So yeah, the cycles come and go. Other than the self-inflicted pain in my legs, I'm feeling pretty good these days--and then of course, it's back to Crapsville next week when I get the chemo. Two days after the chemo, we're going on our little Pacific Northwest cruise, so I'm hoping that my acupuncturist can help get rid of some of the immediate side effects of the chemo so I can enjoy the cruise.

After this next dose, I have to have another core biopsy and ultrasound to see how things are sizing up. I'm trying to send positive vibes to my boobies, and I'll hope you do the same! :D


Vicki aka Mamapajama said...

Happy Belated (Great white north) Thanksgiving *** Your meal description sounded pretty tasty to me. Your dad is just getting the "itch" to gun down some deer, haha :)
Brandy, I'm so impressed with you for entering and FINISHING a fucking 10K marathon! Boy do I feel like a slacker, I hope you don't challenge me to any races when we visit you next month. I give up already . . .

Animae said...

You know I'm always sending you positive vibes :-)

Meghan said...

10K, that is awesome. So are you. I'm glad you had such a nice Thanksgiving, Brandy!

drunken monkey said...

hooray for running the 10K!

my lazy self is living vicariously through you. my physio told me today that i had "weak glutes" - i think that's code for "i sit on my ass all day". :-)

ShannonQK said...

Oh my god, I hate you. You ran a 10K with a stress fracture and chemo cocktails running through your veins...and I can only slog through a 5K. OK, I take that back. I love you anyway, even though you make me look like a slug. You look awesome, too.