Thursday, January 10, 2008


I had my last chemo today. Last night, I told Dude that I hoped that they would give me a certificate because I read somewhere else that some cancer agencies do that when you're finished. Alas, no certificate. But the Nurse Ruth did say on our way out, "Oh, wish we had a certificate for you!" And I didn't even mention it at all anywhere to anybody (except for DH). I was like, "Hell yeah, you shoulda." But I didn't really say that; it was more of a thought-bubble and a hiss to the hubster on the way to the elevator.

BUT I'M DONE. Hopefully, forever.

I was even let off the chemo pill that I was taking in combo with the infusion. The doc didn't seem to think that at this point, it was doing much. So I was cool with that.

In a week, I'll be off to PA, and my family can see how fun cancer is.

So anyway, at the moment, I'm tired, exhausted, but can't sleep. Steroids. Gotta love them. I'm on sleeping meds too, and other things, but still, can't sleep.

Mom, Dad--got your message--will call you tomorrow. I'm fine--at the end of this crap and the middle of getting better.


missy4kids said...


The last time we talked was in 1993. I just wanted to let you know that you are very inspiring. I did not realize that you were battling breast cancer until my mother-in-law told me about two weeks ago. I was browsing through myspace and saw your profile. My mother battled breat cancer in 2004 and reading your blog reminded me of the many symptoms she had while undergoing chemo (8 treatments). I just wanted to leave this comment to let you know that I am praying for you and thinking about you. I was glad to see the post today that this was your last chemo treatment. By the way, your children are beautiful. Have a safe trip to Pennsylvania.
Missy (Taylor) Miller

Jeanne said...

Hi Brandy--this is the first time I've read your blog (can't believe I missed it, I AM a professional cancer blogger, after all)...and I wanted to say congrats on finishing chemo.

It's all uphill from here.

And about that certificate, my cancer center gave me a tiara (not kidding) to wear for a photo, which I still have somewhere, and the nurses blew soapbubbles and sang a song. It was sweet, but totally embarrassing.

Laughed when I read your glasses post, because I always take my glasses off in bed, and a couple of weeks ago I did that and rolled over on them and smashed them completely to pieces. Didn't think I slept that soundly.

Take care, and I'll be reading your blog from now on.

The Assertive Cancer Patient

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on getting to the end of the chemo, Brandy. What a hell of a ride this has been. For my sister-in-law's chemo, at the end, they rang a really honking big bell. Actually, come to think of it, Marg, my sis got to ring that bell. Cool, either way, yer done.

{{{{done, Brandy, chemo}}}}}

a certificate, of sorts