Saturday, March 29, 2008


Can you see it from there? Is it blinding? Yeah, yeah--don't worry. It's only my aura.

Three people this week have told me that I look "brighter," like I'm glowing or something. DH thinks it just because I have hair and eyebrows, that people notice that I look healthier. But that's a boring way to look at it! It makes me feel good to think that that certain something is my aura, and that my aura is kicking ass.


Animae said...

Wow it looks like your hair has grown even longer since your trip to LA! Truly though, you always seem to have a glow about you... what is it? Essence of Brandy? heh heh. Where can I get me some of that? :-D

SorianoWrites said...

i can see it....