Monday, November 17, 2008

Cranky Old Lady (me)

Big sigh.  Life is okay.

It's funny how even a routine exam is tense.  I went to the optometrist this morning, and I just kept thinking, "Please, don't let her see anything weird."  An eye exam, for crying out loud.  And yes, it was fine.  I have a dentist's appointment next month.  And my annual check-up on Wednesday.  I don't want to go to these appointments, but I will. So I think I might have a slight phobia of doctor's appointments.  But I still have my head on straight; I still go to the doctor when I should.

My physical recovery is a bit more frustrating than I had anticipated.  My right shoulder, neck, and pec area is all knotted up from scar tissue and bad posture from overcompensating.  I have this weird twitch and sensation where my abs used to be--kinda feels like a baby moving 'cept I'm pretty sure there ain't no baby in there! And the fatigue...and the chemo brain.  But I'm moving as best as I can.  I go to massage therapy and acupuncture.  At least I don't have to spend an arm and a leg to pay for this stuff.

I've gotten a bit of a response from my last post regarding the health care systems in U.S. and in Canada.  It's been an interesting and healthy (no pun intended) discussion, I think.  But all in all, I remain pretty firm in my stance that the U.S. health care system is pretty shitty.  My disclaimer is that this is my opinion based on my 29 years in the U.S. and the past few years here in Vancouver.  (ie., I'm not a doctor; I'm not an insurance agent--I am a patient and a human being who needs health care.) The matters of choice in health care, the way doctors diagnose patients, how insurance companies operate, etc.--all that has been brought to my attention by a number of people in both the medical and insurance fields.  Still, none of that flies with me.  I'll pay the high taxes here in Canada and be happy about that because I know that the taxes are for the most part going to good use.  I think that because I haven't been shafted by companies or governments that want to profit from illness, I feel more compelled to actually donate time and money to organizations, like the Cancer Agency or the Breast Cancer Foundation.  However, if I were forced to spend my efforts, while ill, on fighting insurance companies about claims, I probably wouldn't think to be as generous.

Yes, in the U.S. you have choice.  For example, just this weekend, I spoke with my father.  He was in the midst of helping my grandparents select a new insurance company because their premiums were going up.  I suppose you could say they have a choice in doing this.  But seriously, who wants to be thinking about that, especially when you're over 80 years old?  I dunno--I don't want to think that shopping for health care is like shopping around for a tv--where can you get the best deal?

Anyway, just my two cents, people!  Life and health should not be a commodity--socialism or not.


Sandy C said...

OMG!! The chemo brain is driving me nuts!! I can't think of words that I used to use all the time. I used to have a huge vocabulary that I was proud of. Now, I pause, I think, I hope the word I'm looking for will come to my brain....nada. zilch. nothing. It's so frustrating!

I appreciate your views on healthcare. I agree to disagree. LOL!!

Unknown said...

Brandy, you are so right about the US healthcare system. I am lucky to have a good job with good benefits, but I remember being in the infusion room and hearing the nurse tell someone that she couldn't have her next treatment because her counts were too low and her insurance didn't cover the neulasta or neupogen that would boost her counts. And another woman who came in for a treatment because she had saved enough to cover the copay. She was four weeks off schedule. How effective is that? We shouldn't have to face cancer this way. We shouldn't be shopping for cheaper co-pays because it means we pay more on the other side and then are forced to make choices between electricity or food and a prescription. I didn't feel lucky to have good insuarance. I felt embarrassed that others didn't. Sorry...I took your spot on the soapbox. I'll get down now.

Take care! Hope you enjoy a good old American Thanksgiving! ;)