Wednesday, March 4, 2009


gravity is something my current boobs defy. they are swell (in various ways). the skin graft is still healing, so they're not the prettiest pair you've ever seen...yet. in fact, chloe saw them and said, "mama, your boobs look funny!" but then again, i'm not sure if she said this because she had gotten used to seeing them flat and sans nipple, or just because they look funny. i like them though. here's a picture of me and my boobs (kind of):


Sandy C said...

Well look at you!! No bra and nice big perky boobs? Love it!! Are both boobs perky or just one? Do you get to have the other one "done" to match? I know, I'm so nosey!!

Unknown said...

That's hot, mama! Congratulations!

Leah Richards said...

Nice rack!!

Kara Herron said...

I just found your blog. Is it ok if I list it on my blog?

I had a bilateral mastectomy last october and I'm having my reconstruction surgery on May 1st. I can't wait to have boobs again.

Thanks for sharing the picture - you look amazing!


Lugh said...

I just stumbled upon your 2009 posts.
You look great after your long journey...actually you look amazing, with a great smile and I love your freckles.
May you have many days of sunshine and smiles ahead of you!