Thursday, July 2, 2009

Celebrity Makeover Part 1

Here it is--what y'all been waiting for!  Yeah, it was kinda weird to watch myself on national tv, and in high def no less (who knew I had so many freckles? I didn't.). And what was extra weird for me was seeing how emotional I was.  Maybe it was just so shocking and surreal at the time that I had no memory of what I was saying or how I felt (other than the shock). I'll admit it--I teared up a bit.  Yeah.

And in other fab friend Victoria Namkung, who is journalist to the stars, posted an entry on her amazing Las Angelenas blog about my makeover. Thanks, Girl!


Sarah♥ said...

You are an absolutely beautiful women and so deserved this make-over.

Daria said...

Congrats girl ... I saw this on TV ... all the best to you!

Victoria said...

My entire family and so many of my friends watched the clip over the weekend and we all can't get enough! The surprise at the end was beyond surreal!