Friday, May 2, 2008

A Simple Post, RE: Good Times

I was downloading and editing pictures this morning, and I came across all these wonderful ones from a dinner party our friends had for us before my surgery. Chloe and Mylo were psyched to get dressed up in fancy clothes and see their little friends. It was in a private room, so the kids could run around and go wild.

Here are the two little rascals before leaving for dinner.

Totally a daddy's girl, eh?

Mylo doing his usual calisthenics before eating--his secret to maintaining his buff physique. What a show-off! Wonder where he gets that trait from...

Our friends' little guy.

All the kids playing something or other before eating.

Even the littlest dude enjoys getting in on the food action!

Mr. Mylo

Ms. Chloe. Um, yeah, even princesses get runny noses...

...and princesses like to lick their runny noses...

...and shove food in their maws.

I think that last picture sums it up. We had a great time with great friends.


Sandy C said...

Hi Brandy,

My name is Sandy. I'm a Canadian (from Toronto area) living in America (Tampa, FL). So, I'm exactly the opposite of you. Also, I had surgery then chemo then radiation. So again the opposite. I've read your entire blog. Yup, the whole thing! Took me hours and hours. I must tell you that I'm crazy about you. It was so nice to read about your experiences. We had so much in common with our feelings. I, too, felt that radiation was absolutely horrible and my doctor kept saying it was "nothing" compared to chemo. Well, hello!! Have you ever done chemo and radiation, doctor? No, so don't tell me what to be feeling. Ya know? Anyway, here's a link to my blog in case you want to read about my experience. said...

Hi Sandy! Nice to meet you--and thanks for stopping by and reading the blog. I hope that it's helpful for you--I checked out and linked your blog. Yes, this is all such a bitch! Damn cancer! But I feel your energy, and you're kicking ass too. I wish you all the best, and keep in touch. Brandy