Sunday, May 4, 2008

Therapy of another kind

I'm still waiting for the breast cancer surgeon to call me about the pathology report, but I'm not rushing to get the results. I guess some people might, but after having gone through ten months of treatment and surgery, I'm in no hurry to find out if I have more cancer floating around or not. But I will do the responsible thing and call her office this week, I suppose.

In the meantime, I'm doing a bit of retail therapy. Office Depot had a deal on cameras today, and seeing how I busted the LCD screen on my camera a couple months ago, we felt justified in buying a new camera--or two (matching His & Hers)--today. I got a green Casio Exilim, and Dude got a blue one. It's got this weird feature, "Face Recognition," where you can take pictures of your favourite people, and the camera stores the facial features, I guess. Then later, when you take a group shot, you can turn on the "favourites" feature, and the camera will focus more on those people whose faces it recognizes. Creepy--and cool.

So I decided to take pictures of some recent acquisitions to test out the camera.

This is a quilt that my friend Pisey made and sent me. I've known Pisey since the first grade, when she came up to me because I was "Oriental" like her. Look at the beautiful colours and designs!

A few days before my mastectomy, I wandered into a store called Rice Terraces, where they have really cool vintage kimono products and other neat stuff from Japan. So here's some stuff I bought...

This is a small tote bag featuring a "modern Geisha," as the store owner described it. Funky Cold Medina (that's a late-80s reference, for those of you who are too young to have a clue as to what I'm talking about).

This is a cute little kimono handbag with this awesome off-centre handle, along with a ring that I also bought. The ring is also made out of kimono cloth, with resin over it. The bag was a steal at $25, and the ring cost me $14. The surrounding plants were given to me by my pals, author Wayson Choy (he gave me the "Tree of Life" on the left), Harley Wylie (the small pink flowered plant in the middle), and Emilie Allen (the very sunshiny plant on the right).

Here's another shot of the bag and the ring.

The ring and my gnarly hand.

Yay for retail therapy and pretty things!

PS: Pop on over to my other blog for the much-requested video release of "Robot Refrigerator" by M.Y.L.O.

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