Friday, August 8, 2008


I get to keep my new hair.

This is just one of the trivial and not-so-trivial thoughts running through my mind.

Things look good.  The ultrasound images didn't look like cancer.  The mammogram was inconclusive, as the lump was too far up my chest for them to get a good picture of it.  They squooshed and smooshed me as much as they could into the machine, but alas, it wasn't happening.  I see the oncologist again in a couple weeks, so I suppose she'll decide then whether or not to biopsy the lumps, just to be 100% certain it's just tissue.

I see the plastic surgeon next week to talk about nips.  I'm super psyched for this.  I miss having nipples.  I like nipples.  They command attention and for whatever reason are provocative.  They're like little jewels.  And they're coming from my inner thigh.  I like the idea of that as well.  My pokies will actually be thigh tissue.

I feel like I'm entering a new phase of my life.  Watch out:  Diva Brandy is loose and on the prowl.  I got cute new hair, I'm gonna have some hot little titties, and I've got attitude to spare.  ROWR!


Unknown said...

rowr! are you gonna ask for 3 inch nips that are erect at all times? if so, you should cut holes in all yr tops, so they can poke out and breathe ... said...

yeah, they kinda have to be erect at all times, since they're not real nips! so however they are formed is how they will always be, no matter the weather! 3 inches is a bit long though--i was realistically thinking like half an inch.

but...what color? dark chocolate, mocha, latte, or rooibos?

Unknown said...

how about twist?

then we can call you the dairy queen, and all the boys and girls will want a lick!

Vicki aka Mamapajama said...

One word of advice: don't get nips that resemble elbows, or you-know-who will be feeling you up until he grows up and moves out :)

Leah Richards said...


Speaking of your diva hotness, I saw a girl in jeans covered with patriotism today in the Bx, and thought how much better you looked in similar jeans, lo so many years ago on St Patrick's Day.

Random unconnectedness--any chance you'll be in Seattle on August 22?

TSRandT said...

Very happy to read of your progress! Keep blogulating!

Tom & Suzanne

Animae said...

Do we get to vote on the color?!?! Hee hee. That's a hard decision... virginal pink or uber sexy mocha... so many possibilities! said...

hey leah,
actually we're going on a kayaking trip aug. 22nd, so no, we won't be in the seattle area. but have fun tho.