Friday, April 4, 2008

For Lou-Anne: "Hats with lights"

I just came from a neighbour's party. He was having a bash because his girlfriend came back from one of those fucking hardcore mega-races where people can die in the desert and canyons and shit. So at this party were our dear friends Jim and Lou-Anne, who are one of the couples going on this sissy gourmet kayaking weekend "adventure" (if you can call it that) in August, which I am totally looking forward to. So tonight, we're at this party to celebrate this hardcore chick's return from the Baja wilderness, and while we're looking at the amazing slideshow, Lou-Anne turns to me all wide-eyed and says, "Brandy! I have an in to hats with lights!" And seriously, it was the best fucking thing I heard all year.

See--that's the thing. My friends and loved ones know and appreciate how "quirky" and "eccentric" I am--in other words, weird. And I in turn appreciate their appreciation. And to me, that's what life is all about: hats with lights.

I know Lou-Anne was referring to the kind of hats that you imagine excavators or miners using--the kind with the bulb in the middle of the hard hat--but when I Googled "hats with lights," I came with this, which is also fucking awesome.

As you know, I've got this random way of saying things...which brings me to the point: Yes, I do, at this moment, have a positive attitude about things, despite how shitty the situation might seem. When I think of hats with lights, I actually think of the third eye chakra, which is in the middle of one's forehead, and which I think is the path to the meaning of life. So really, hats with lights is always a good idea.

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