Tuesday, April 15, 2008

To Be Continued....(Cue the anticipation music)

It is four hours before we have to make the short walk to the hospital, and I am naked. Kind of. I have a robe on. Naked enough.

Everyone is sleeping. I had so much I wanted to write about here, now, but I'm too tired really.

Right before midnight--the cut-off time for eating/drinking/smoking anything--I finished my coffee/vodka cocktail I concocted. It was good. Then I played Scrabulous and Scramble on Facebook. Then I removed the nailpolish on my toenails (no polish allowed. I asked my hubby why, and luckily he's watched enough episodes of House to tell me the reason is because doctors and such look at nails to see if patients are deprived of oxygen). Then I took a bath. Then I played some more online nerd games, updated my poetry blog, checked on the kids, watched Dude go to sleep after he watched Rome (dude, History is soooo hardcore), and now I'm in the dark, mostly naked, pretty tired yet pretty wired.

So here's the deets on my surgery:

I'm gonna be at Mount Saint Joseph's hospital for approximately 5 days. If you're in Vancouver and would like to visit, come on by. If you feel sheepish, feel free to call Dude's cell. If you're not in Vancouver, feel free to call Dude's cell. I can't promise you that he'll answer cuz I'm pretty sure the hospital policy is no cells, but he's a rebel, so who knows?

This will be my last entry til I get home. But DH will update tomorrow evening (Pacific time zone, for you Easterners out there). Don't worry! Actually, what you can do is be jealous! Cuz I'm going to have a super-hot bod soon...and it only took cancer to get it! :D


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bad_piano_player said...

Brandy, I have several lab tech friends at MSJ -that's Mount Saint Joseph - so I'll ask them to keep tabs on you - they probably will since they're the ones who take your blood for testing! Love you!