Wednesday, April 9, 2008

What Other People are Saying...

I just woke up at the buttcrack of dawn to go on CBC Radio's Early Edition to talk about tonight's shindig. The interview should be posted on their website later today, so I will give an update when that happens (in case you weren't awake at 6:50 am listening to CBC).

Also, the Georgia Straight wrote a nice blog about tonight's event . Check it out.

I'm pretty tired at the moment, but it's going to a blast tonight! The kids are super-psyched for the party. We might have boobie balloons, we will see. Don't forget your $$$ or checkbooks for donations. Tonight will be a night of celebrating, coming together, sharing, laughter, and yes, maybe some drunken tears. Oh yeah, and boob petting.

If you'd like to decorate boob casts (I'm bringing paints, markers, pastels, glitter, etc.), I suggest wearing clothes that you don't mind getting mussed up. Most of the stuff washes out, but I can't guarantee that it will come out of your fine silk scarf or fancy cashmere cardigan.

And if anyone would like to read poetry about boobies, or cancer, or anything else appropriate to the event's theme, feel free to bring your words along.

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Unknown said...

good luck tonight, wish i could be there!