Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Out of surgery

Update on Brandy's surgery today. Brandy went into surgery around 8am this morning with a brave face (well, making faces at the least...).
She came out of surgery at 11:30am a little loopy from anesthesia and morphine, but otherwise the surgery went well. She is now asleep in the recovery room, and will be transferred up to the 4th Floor of the West Wing at Mt. St. Joseph's Hospital at 2pm, where she will be for the next four days. During the 2 minutes that she was allowed to have visitors after she first got into the recovery room, she told me to put a message up on her blog that all went well (as far as she could tell--but maybe that's the morphine talking...). The nurses said the surgery went well (probably more reliable opinion...).

Thanks for all the good wishes and prayers. Hopefully her recovery will be rapid!


Unknown said...

tears of joy!

irozibu said...

yay brandy! sipping a cocktail for your quick recovery. rozandken

SorianoWrites said...

YAY!!!!!!!! our thoughts and love are with you girlins!!!!
Reenie and Peter