Monday, July 23, 2007

If there's one thing that cancer should be about---it's partying!

This was a really fun weekend--and I think everyone in my family soooo needed it! Thanks to everyone who came last night:

Bob (I mean,, I mean Bob)
Jim Julie + kids
Marty Letti + kid
Karen + kids
Heidy Greg + kids
Rob Tracy
Jim Lou-Anne
Michael Anne
Debora Lynda
Joy Hillary
Paige Hart
George (the real george)
Coll Simon
Mama Baba

If you're not on this list--so sorry! I was wasted and all, that's my only excuse!

There was a lot of laughter and tears and drinking last night. I was so touched by all who showed up and also by those who couldn't make it but who emailed me their regrets. Here are some highlights--including the highlights in my hair! (Thanks especially to Jamie--who applied TWO bleach kits to my hair yesterday, down the roots while somehow miraculously not burning my scalp; Jenn and Katie--mistresses of the dye; and Katie once again, for packing sausage, cheese, crackers, wine, and god knows what else in her purse, along with loads of latex gloves.) Jenn was the photographer extraordinaire for these shots.

Me and bleach expert, Jamie

Me with Paige and Joy enjoying the mixture of fumes from my head and the wine

Sausage, cheese, dates, and crackers spread out on my toilet

Emerging from my bathtub...

It's not what it looks like--Amy's just drying my hair while I'm drinking wine while straddling my toilet...honest!

Karrmen and Amy stylin', while Saya and Jordy look on.

All dressed up--and yes, I am wearing fur in the middle of July! That's cuz you can do that in Vancouver, where the weather is sucky yuck.
Okay, so my dress was so freakin' open the whole time, and maybe I could lie and say that it was some statement about breast cancer, but let's be honest--I was completely shitfaced and had no idea that my white bra was completely hanging out, Britney Spears-style.

Me, with three ladies that rock: Jenn, Katie, and Chloe (who at the tender age of almost-four already looks completely ashamed to be my daughter)

The intricacies and complexities of my new hair!


Leanne said...

Hey, I thought I was wearing a shirt that wasn't going to be showing any cleavage! o_o (In the ... um ... bra-hangin'-out photo). Awright, who's the rascal(ette?) with the camera!

Animae said...

I wish I could have been there! I'm glad you had a great time... and I love the hair!

ShannonQK said...

Lookin' like hot stuff there, Ms. Brandy. You're too cool for cancer! Wish I could have been at your multi-colored soiree...hope you had a great time!

Holly Jahangiri said...

You know what else sucks? Running into this news on 43Things, and not having any cheers left! Dammit.

But seriously - it's not your time to leave this world. You will be well. The next few months may suck, but with luck, you'll have these shining moments (like dying your hair blue and purple among a whole cadre of good friends and family) and it will increase your joy in living. You will never wish cancer on anyone, but you will wish they could appreciate those moments the way you do.