Tuesday, July 17, 2007

this wacky cancer business

I have my first appointment with the oncologist tomorrow. Today, my parents called and asked if I heard anything from the doctor. I lied and said no. Why? I haven't no idea. Doesn't make any sense to me. But it was kind of like this juvenile impulse--like when parents ask their kids what they did at school and the kids say, "nuthin'." I guess it's also kind of like now, they're worried about *when* the doctor will call, which might be slightly better than worrying about the upcoming appointment and what will be said? Yeah, I don't know.

Honestly though, I feel pretty much the same, except everyday, I wake up, walk to the bathroom, take a piss, and say, "Shit, I have cancer." But really, it can't be that bad, can it?

On the upside, I had an idea that if I have to get a mastectomy or something, I'm gonna get some nice fake titties and make a t-shirt that says, "Bionic Boobs." That'll be really hot, especially with the new Bionic Woman series starting in the fall.

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J. said...

i can't believe nobody left any comments...i am reading from the beginning. want to know your story, especially before i suggest or ask something, trying to be helpful...