Friday, July 20, 2007

My pity party

Today was a downer. Not for any good reason. Today could have been like yesterday or the day before, but for some reason, I didn't seem to want to do anything but burrow in my bed.

I got an Air Cast today. When I had my bone scan done yesterday, the technician saw a stress fracture in my leg and asked me if I was a runner. I guess so, I said. So now I have this moon boot thing. I kind of hate it.

I really kind of hated the bone scan technician. Because it's like I'm lying there, completely still, while this huge photocopier-like thing very very slowly went over my body to take pictures of the radioactive material to see where it's gone and stuff. So I'm lying there--(there's an itch in my ankle--ignore it--there's an itch on my back--stay still). And then the technician started laughing to herself, presumably over some email she was reading, and she kept doing that. I'm like, Can she see the murderous rage in my brain right now? Is my brain fucking glowing like a goddamn strobe light? Cuz I want to kill her.

I also got sleeping pills today because the sleep isn't that great lately. Talked to my parents on the phone. I feel bad when they have that tone in their voice, like they're worried about me because they usually aren't.

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Leanne said...

:P gah!! now with a moon boot? that is totally not fair.