Sunday, September 2, 2007

At My Best, at 12:38 AM PST

{it only took about 20 tries to get this shot. and some photoshopping to make my best even better.}


Unknown said...

i think this photo is beautiful b/c it feels so honest to me. i like the ying/yangness of the slanted stripe in the background. it's like the bad assness that i know and love of you is fighting the sickness that i hate and feel for you, and to be honest, the bad assness is totally winning. you not only *still* look so f'n beautiful to me, but there is a fight in yr eyes that i want to grab onto and hug!

Pat said...

Good pic but a little serious. I know you are angry and you want to fight the cancer which is good. Keep a good attitude and it really helps. I took a video of myself by holding the camera to a huge mirror in my bathroom. I talked about how I felt and put on the wigs and wore different make up for each look and modelled my new collection of hats. I told the camera how I felt about everything I was going through. One thing I noticed when I was bald was it was hard to wear my clothes without feeling out of place in them. I'm not into hard core punk (maybe soft core punk LOL!!!) so my wigs and hats did the trick. Of course I didn't go jogging wearing a wig but my little baseball cap was just fine.