Wednesday, September 12, 2007

"Going to the Cats"

I came home and picked up my mail, and there was a card in the pile. I've been getting lots of wonderful cards from friends and strangers alike, and it always cheers me up to see one. When I saw the name on this card, at first, I thought it seemed kinda familiar but I couldn't quite place the name. Then I opened the card--it was from my fifth grade teacher, Mrs. Taylor! And she wrote to tell me that she found a booklet that I made with some of my friends in the fifth grade when she was out sick. She color-photocopied the pictures that I drew for her, and sent them to me! I was so amazed that she even kept that, even after 20 years! So here are those pictures--and thanks so much, Mrs. Taylor, for remembering me for the eleven-year-old I was! The 31-year-old is very appreciate, grateful, and touched!


Unknown said...

dude, nice HUGE hanging nutsack on the "hope you get well soon" guy!

:) said...

yeah, i know! i noticed that too! but i think at the time, i was drawing a coat tail--or the back of his shirt!

Victoria said...

That is so adorable. How touching :)