Sunday, September 23, 2007


Today was a gorgeous day here in Vancouver. And my in-laws wanted to treat the whole family to brunch at Seasons restaurant in Queen Elizabeth Park. On the drive there, my mom said to me, "Don't you get any summer here?" My parents came here in the middle of August, and we've had nice days here and there, but never a substantial stretch of warm, sunny weather. I told her that this summer was particularly sucky, but she just wondered how come we've gone straight into fall.

Here are some pictures from our outing today:

Lily and Chloe--don't be fooled by their cute, innocent smiles.

Mylo in his favourite train sweater-vest!

Me and the kids--obviously, they're so into getting this picture taken.

Me and the man, coordinated.

Afterwards, we had a nice walk in the park.

Then we took the kids to the miniature train park in Burnaby, where we got to ride these cute little trains.

Then we came home, dropped Mylo off for his nap, then Dude, Chloe and I walked to Rhizome for Baby Disco. Chloe and I totally got our groove on (whatever that means anymore, I don't know. I'm getting old).

I'm so glad that I've got all this energy now, cuz I know that this week is going to suck ass cuz I'm getting chemo on Tuesday. But you know--you gotta be happy for the days that are good, and grateful that you make it through the days that bite the big one. That's fucking life, my friend.

Oh yeah, by the way, I have a blog central station: Planet Brandy The description on the new blog will explain why I created it.

Enjoy the rest of Sunday!


Unknown said...

hey, nice to read about your lovely day. my nephew is addicted to trains as well and has a pretty funny wardrobe of train clothes. :)

Unknown said...

wow, that scarf is beautiful!

ps. i love fall!

Leanne said...

oh wow, stylin'!

Vicki aka Mamapajama said...

Your kids are so fruckin' cute, and you guys aren't too bad, either.
Does Mylo like Thomas? One of the other postal clerks has a little boy who's obsessed with trains, especially Thomas. They go to Stop 35 just so he can sit in the booth that faces a picture of a train on the wall. (I don't think it was there when you were kicked out of Stop for recording the customers . . .) said...

mylo love thomas and trains! loves them, goes to bed with them. love Cars (the movie, especially Mater)...he's such a boy! of course, he also wants me to paint his nails when chloe's getting hers done, an he likes to play with her ponies.