Saturday, September 1, 2007

Without Mincing Words...

I feel like shit. This is not me complaining; this is me stating a fact. I've had a headache without interruption for a week now, with the only relief being taking a sleeping pill and passing out cold. I've tried extra strength Tylenol; I've tried other things. I'm not allowed to take ibuprofen or aspirin, so that's out. The only thing I haven't tried is a hammer to my head to at least justify the pain. This is definitely at the top of my list of things to bring up at my appointment with the oncologist on Tuesday.

And while I'm being honest, I have to say that I'm having a bit of a difficult time dealing with not having privacy as much as I would like. It's nice having my parents here to help out, but what that also means is that the kids are here in the house more, and most of the time, when I need to have some quiet time, I have to lock myself in my bathroom, as that's the only place in the house to achieve privacy. Today, Dude took my parents and the kids out to lunch with his parents, and it was the first time since my parents arrived that I've had the house to myself for a few hours. Basically, during that time, I was able to eat lunch and take a nap.

Taking a nap is a challenge with the kids around too because Chloe wants to be with me all the time, but she doesn't really lie still in the bed. She's humming with energy, so she likes to squeeze my arm and sing songs while I'm trying to sleep.

Yeah, so, taking it all in stride is not my forte. I guess it never was.

Speaking of taking it in stride, does anyone in the Vancouver area want to take some strides and form a Friends and Family team for the CIBC Run for the Cure in Vancouver on September 30th? The bummer is that I can't run right now with my busted leg, but I'd still like to walk, if you'd like to join us for the 5K! To get more info, click here: Vancouver CIBC Run for the Cure and leave a comment or email me if you're interested! Registration deadline is in a couple weeks. We have a team if we have 10 or more people.

Okay, thanks for your attention to my head.

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Pat said...

Take time out for only yourself. It's important to have that time to rest and rebuild your strength. If you could work out a schedule with your husband to give yourself that time that would be great. If you are stuck and need help don't be shy about asking for help. I'm sure everyone would be willing to help you but it's up to you to ask. So let us know if we can give you a hand.