Monday, September 24, 2007

Bright Light, Dim WBC's

I went on CBC this morning and gave an alright interview: CBC Brandy Interview . . . It's hard to think of what to say that early in the morning. Oh yeah, and you need Real Player to be able to listen to the interview.

Anyway, then I had my usual lab work done this morning to check how my white blood cell (WBC) count is going. After I got poked, I noticed that my band-aid was slipping off because I was bleeding profusely from the tiny prick. So I went back to the nurse, who cleaned me up and gave me another band-aid.

Later, I had my appointment with the oncologist. They told me that my WBC count was low enough to be concerned, and that from now on, I'd have to inject myself with a drug that would help boost my WBC count. So starting with the cycle tomorrow, I have to give myself an injection every other day, and this will last through the remaining chemo treatments. Sounds like it sucks, but I'm sure I'll get used to it. It was kind of a bummer though, because I was hoping that with my good energy levels and me exercising and taking good supplements, that I'd be strong and all that. But it seems that my body has other plans in mind.

Good news is that the chemo seems to be working. The oncologist said that the lump feels smaller, so that's a positive sign for sure! So the experiment that is my life continues.


Unknown said...

fuck, brandy, that was awesome! you sounded so smart, calm and you said so much in so little time

thanks for making me cry at my desk while listening to yr voice

(ps. and hurray for it getting smaller!)

Jack Feerick said...

So good to hear your voice again, and to know that the spirit of "agitate, educate, & organize" is still kicking. Not much else to say except: keep fighting!

Vicki aka Mamapajama said...

Bravo, Brandy!
You made us proud, you sounded strong and positive. What a great role model you are.
I love that you "called out" doctors who don't follow through with tests when symptoms are present. It's your body and nobody knows it as well as you do!
I think your plans for the future could detour into the talk radio field someday.
Glad to hear the chemical warfare is tallying up victories already. Remember,each time you feel sick/dizzy/spacey, your body is a battleground, so stay strong. (oh, and I'm sure it's a wonderland, too, haha).