Sunday, August 12, 2007

A Blast from the Past for a Laugh

My BFF's mom, Vicki, sent me an awesome picture from the early 1990s, when BFF Lisa turned sweet 16. She thought the picture would cheer me up, and it totally did! It brought back awfully embarrassing moments of being NKOTB fans to the core, tie-dyed peace t-shirts, and phasing into bandannas and flannel grunge. I asked Lisa if she would mind me posting the picture on the blog for kicks, fully expecting her to say hell no. I know how she gets mad when people post pictures of high school daze, because she thinks those days sucked and she didn't have much self-esteem. But you know what? We had a helluva a lotta fun back then. And the picture reminds me of the laughter--and I do think we look pretty damn cute anyway! Goofy, but cute too!

Much to my surprise, Lisa gave me permission to post the picture! This small gesture, I know, is actually a big gesture for her, and it really warms my heart.

So here's the picture, and here's to youth and joy and laughter and memories and cheeziness and NKOTB!


Unknown said...

this made me cry! said...

i knew you'd appreciate me photoshopping a blur over our faces so no one could recognize us! i'm so sneaky like that!