Monday, August 27, 2007


At the moment, I'm kinda anti-computer. But I like showing pictures. Maybe that makes me a narcissistic bitch. Maybe not. But here's why I'm anti-computer: because you can't take the computer in the bathtub without the risk of electrocuting yourself. So until they make water-resistant laptops. . .

Here's where I spend a lot of my time nowadays:

{my home spa}

{. . .with new washcloths. . .}

{. . .and a glass of chardonnay, a pitcher of lemon water. . .}

[By the way, funny thing I discovered: lemons float, limes sink.]

{yesterday, my hair started falling out. Or rather, it started coming out easily when tugged on. I sat in the tub for an hour, massaging my head, rubbing vigorously, tugging with my forefingers and thumbs, pulling out little black clumps. Kinda like weeding, only taking much longer. Guess I have a lot of hair. Now my head just looks like a poorly clipped shrub.}


Unknown said...
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Animae said...

If you want something other than lemon water, try cucumber water... just as refreshing and a bit sweet. They had this at a spa I went to once. Your home spa is awesome! Miss you! said...

lise--the log we stole from english bay. and animae-mae--i did have cucumber water at the spa as well! and it was delish and refreshing! the suggestion box for my home spa is always open--a constant reno!