Sunday, August 5, 2007

Waiting Game

I've gotten a number of emails from friends wondering what the latest is....which is, I'm waiting. The first clear open appointment to receive chemo is August 23rd. My trial nurse, rightfully so, thinks that's too long to wait. So I'm put on a waiting list everyday, which means that any day now, I will get the call to go in and start treatment. She said that last Friday and this Tuesday looked like the best days (Monday, tomorrow, is a holiday here), but I still haven't gotten a call for any day. We're keeping our fingers crossed.

I had another core biopsy on Thursday, so that the cancer agency could have a baseline sample before the chemo starts. This procedure seemed more brutal than the core biopsy I had at Women's Hospital. Two differences I noticed: a scalpel was used to cut into my skin to insert the "needle," which actually looked as big as a screwdriver to me. I didn't notice a scalpel being used the last time, and the needle used last time actually looked like a needle (a long one). I'm not sure if I just didn't notice this the last time, or if the procedure was really different because they need a bigger sample from the tumor. In any case, there was also a lot more blood and tenderness this time around. My friend Emily went with me since DH had to go to a press conference. Thankfully, her dad is a vet [the kind that doctors animals, not the kind that was in a war], so she was pretty much unfazed (or at least, she appeared to be).

I'm also getting set to see a naturopath as part of a complementary treatment to the chemo. I'm not sure if this is allowed since I'm on a trial, but I will call and ask the nurse tomorrow. My friend Shirley helped me with this, as her brother is a well respected naturopath. I'm very excited, and hope that this is all kosher with the trial. I want to do everything I can to keep my energy at a reasonable level while on chemo, as well as maintain my health as best as possible.

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