Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Family Art Project

How am I feeling today? At the moment, I'm okay. I went to see my thesis advisor this morning at UBC. He's super supportive and encouraging and kind, which is a huge relief in terms of my decision to take a year off from school. The creative writing department faculty and my cohort have been incredibly generous and wonderful, and it really makes me feel secure about this decision.

After we left school, the hubster and I went to buy supplies that might be needed at some point: air filter masks, medical gloves, neck warmer, slippers, Tylenol, and People magazine (a supply I need now). When we came home, I felt so exhausted and pretty much slept or lounged around in bed for the rest of the day until dinner. Fortunately, my nausea has subsided somewhat, and I was able to enjoy dinner with my family and my sister- and brother-in-law, who were so kind enough to order dinner for us.

Now, I'm back to feeling a bit tired. But I did promise pictures of our fun family time last night, so here they are!

{at the chemo ward at the cancer agency: pigtails!}

{the first cut}

{my technicolor mullet}

{dude takes over: photo by chloe!}

{chloe's turn!}

{mylo wanting to get in on the action}

{eek! watch the neck!}

{mylo's turn!}

{shiny happy head.}


tammy said...

i love it! psychadelic colors fit you somehow!

i read this blog first thing everyday, to check in on you and your progress. i'm really proud of you, b. i imagine that dealing with this shit would've send me into the fetal position... you're such a bad-ass.
...you are always in my prayers.

Animae said...

You didn't want to keep the mullet? Oh, I forgot to tell you when we spoke last night, I saw the most awesome mullet. It was super long in the back (down to the dude's shoulder blades, if not longer!). Of course, he was in a hardware store. I wish I had a camera. When I saw him, I instantly thought of you and our mullet sightings. I miss you, girl!

bad_piano_player said...

your technicolour hair suits you and thanks for posting photos of the little guys cutting your hair! love your fighting spirit! I also read your blog everytime I'm on the internet and that's every day -Can't say much about my blog - it's so boring!(mine, that is)

Unknown said...

when you are all better, you, animae and i should go to mifflintown, so we can show her what it's like to walk into a bar and see 20 mullets in one place!