Friday, August 17, 2007

Cool Hair!

I was walking back from my therapeautic touch appointment (which I missed--long stupid story), and this woman was coming at me from an intersection and shouted, "Cool hair!" with her thumbs pointed up. I honestly had no idea what she was talking about, so I looked around. She pointed at me and smiled. I thought she was insane. But then I realized that she was talking about my hair, and then I felt bad. I hate it when those things happen. I just wasn't feeling like, "Oh, yeah, she must be talking about how cool I am!"

I feel so anti-cool. I've got perpetual heartburn, which totally sucks. I get heartburn if I drink water, if I swallow, if I sneeze. I wear fuzzy slippers with hard soles around the house so that I go clomp, clomp, clomp. Last night, some friends came over for a So You Think You Can Dance marathon extravaganza, and it sure pooped me out. And now, I'm using the word "poop" in a nonliteral sense! I've lost my damn mind.

Went to a naturopath yesterday. He's the brother of a friend, and they don't mess around. But to be honest, as much as everything costs, you have to wonder--is this really going to work? I'm sure that level of skepticism is present for many. But in explaining how chemo cashes in on the short-term effects for the long-term costs (or something like that, I was never good at economics), it seems like the naturopath thing is the thing to do. I mean, I like my head. I'd like to keep my head working like it has been working. So we'll give her a go and see what happens.

I'm seeing an art therapist today too! You know, with all these therapies and stuff--maybe cancer isn't so bad! I wouldn't be seeing all these different people otherwise.

But no, I'd rather not have cancer. Cuz this heartburn still sucks.

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