Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Wiggin' Out

Today, Chloe and I went shopping for wigs with some UBC Creative Writing peeps of mine--Jamella, Claire, Meghan, Pat, and Kellee. I was going to go sans kids, but I noticed that Chloe's been wanting to hang around Mama a lot more lately, so I didn't want her to feel left out. She had a blast (even though in the pictures, she looks like she thinks I'm a total freak)! Of course, she wanted me to go for the red, blue, green, and purple wigs. But she liked my choices in the end.

{green monster}


{one of the wigs I brought home--kinda scarlett o'hara-esque. picture taken by chloe.}

{the other final purchase...more of the everyday stylin' wig. pic also snapped by chloe bean.}

{me and mylo, pic by chloe. i also bought a hat with a skull on it...a skull cap, in other words.}

To be honest, I was kind of anti-wig when I found out I would be having chemo. But I really like the wigs. I think they kinda rock. My mom even wants to go buy some now! So I might make a second trip to the wig store. For some odd reason, I feel like putting "Red" on (as I like to call the curly red wig, though the tag says its name is "Jocelyn"...the other one doesn't have a name, but it is made out of real human hair, which makes it softer), and kick my heels up, and sing through the streets, "It's Raining Men." [I'm hoping Jamie won't read this, because he will definitely be here in two seconds to take me up on that.]

Okay, now back to tugging out my remaining hair. Up next--henna head!


Unknown said...

those wigs you picked out are amazing, b! they look so real ... and so fucking cute.

but what i think is awesome is that you seriously look equally beautiful with no hair or fake hair.

man, i wish i could be there when you take yr mom wig shopping; i would try to make her get a pink one

ps. you look like a hip hop star in the skull cap. ba ba ba ba brandeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Animae said...

Why does your "everyday" stylin' hair make you look so innocent? Hmmmm... we know better :-) I'd like to see you in your red hair prancing down the streets singing "it's raining men" with Jamie. That would be a sight to behold!

Victoria said...

i LOVE the second to last one of the wigs. very sexy!

Cancerfuckingsucks.blogspot.com said...

mae mae--you can come w/me and j, singing down davie street--and then we'll go have yam fries! oh but wait! i was on davie today, and sugar daddy's was replaced by another establishment--so i don't know if the yam fries are still there! boo! :( but we'll sing anyway...

Cancerfuckingsucks.blogspot.com said...

fake innocence is the new sexy, V!

Animae said...

If I can get a wig too (and the necessary funds) then we're on! Heh heh. Actually G and I have been talking and we want to try to see if we can come up even for a super short trip like 4 days? (maybe easter time? the Catholics give me Good Friday off). We were pondering Thanksgiving, but that might be insane (not to mention expensive), plus you probably got family stuff going on.