Monday, August 13, 2007

Who Needs Hair?

I did it...we did it. My whole family, even the wee little lad, had a hand in chopping off my locks tonight. I will post a more detailed play-by-play when my camera battery is recharged, but here is the result (taken with Chloe's camera...yes, our 4-year-old has her own digital camera--so what?).

You can't really tell from this shot how awesome the haircut is, but like I said, that will come tomorrow sometime. The shortness really brings out the array of colors, so it actually looks better than when it was longer.

As far as the chemo goes, I felt fine until about 5pm, when I guess it started kicking in and a big ball of nausea sat in my stomach and I got the worst headache. I took the pills they gave me, but it hasn't helped a whole lot. Plus, my forearms are strangely numb. This wasn't listed as a side effect, so I'm going to call the number they gave me. Maybe. Or just take more drugs.

Okay, time to try to pass out.

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