Thursday, August 23, 2007

"First-World" Fight--An American in Canada

I have to admit: I'm having a hard time trying to figure out how to tie the story I want to tell at this very moment into my cancer. Maybe I should tell the story first, and then the connection will also come out of my ass. So last night, Dude was on the internet trying to find a way to gussy up one of his computers. He kinda became transfixed by it. This was because he had taken apart an old Mac G4 Powerbook by taking the screen off (it was already falling off as the hinges broke and the wires were just hanging there, exposed) and hooking it up to an actual monitor. So he was feeling proud and encouraged when he managed to get the jalopy started. Then he wanted to mess with the shiny computer we have--the one that is totally awesome accept for the fact that it is 1/32" too tall to fit neatly into our desk space. So he wanted to take it off the base somehow, and mount it on the wall. He didn't find any official word from Apple on this, but he found some other geek website that explained how to do it. I thought, There must be a reason why you're not supposed to....So I said to him, "Dear, any idiot can do anything if they try hard enough, but it doesn't mean it's the right thing to do." I was struck by the awesome aphorism that came flying out of my mouth, and wanted to set it in stone, in permanence, somewhere. Here's good enough for now.

Okay, so how does this connect to cancer? Hm, I still don't know, but I'm sure someone will think of a way. I just wanted to puff out my chest with my quotable, and if that makes me a word whore, so be it.

But let's talk about the cancer for the heck of it. I was telling my friend the other day that even though I bitch and moan about all that's going on, I feel pretty lucky because we live in a place where not only can I get some of the best cancer treatment in the world--and alternative treatments too--but I also don't have to mess with insurance companies and fight with them. I find Michael Moore kinda irritating, and I think he idealizes Canada a bit too much, but it is true that here, if you are not well and you need help, you can get it without trying to justify why you should have the right to be well! So all the stuff that I get to do--a lot of it is free! At the cancer agency, there are counseling services which include one-on-one counseling, seminars for families and caregivers, therapeutic touch sessions, relaxation seminars, cosmetic seminars for women, a Chinese-language sessions that my in-laws can go to, and other stuff--all free! Not only that, but there's a complementary therapy organization that offers accupuncture, naturopath services, and other things, that is specifically for cancer patients--not free, but I heard from many well worth the cost. So I am fortunate to be where I am with this illness.

Still, trying to find a way to justify putting that aphorism here though. Okay! I got it! I'm going to say that the chemo caused my brain to think up that brilliance, and that hopefully, the chemo will replace the tumour with awesome sayings and other fun word stuff! Yes!


B. said...

Chemo word magic! Seriously though, I'm sorry the chemo is such a gargantuan bitch and that you're feeling so yucky most of the time. I think of you every day. I think it's pretty cool that you can do all those alternative treatments too. I'm so thankful for our health system here, even though it's flawed. When my sister in law had her major brain surgery this year, she got amazing care, and it's terrifying to think what that would have cost in the US.

I will miss you at school this year!

bad_piano_player said...

Brandy, here's another aphorism - our Canadian health care is as good as it gets - at this time, at this place.

Unknown said...

now that i have yr blog updates showing up on my igoogle page, can i say how disappointed i am that you don't update ever hour?! i mean, it's irrational, i know, but maybe sometimes so there's something new for me to look at, you can put an entry up that just says, "hungry: i'm eating!" or "ladies' room: don't enter!" or "the flys are disappearing: my mom's in town!"